Franchising with ISI® Elite Training

Charles Yeager: Corporate Leader to ISI® Franchise Owner

Episode Summary

Charles Yeager found himself at a crossroads in his successful career as a time finance executive at Dell. Spearheading financial strategies and driving growth, Charles had built a commendable professional life. As he navigated his way through the inevitable waves of midlife reflection, he couldn't shake off the thought of a new challenge: the dream of running his own business. Dell had been a significant part of his journey, yet Charles yearned for change. His entrepreneurial spirit sparked a quest to explore various business ventures - but of all the options, one resonated with his personal passion—fitness. An avid runner, Charles recognized the allure of turning his hobby into a livelihood. The idea of fostering a space where health and business intersected felt like a natural transition. It was more than a potential investment; it was a chance for Charles to merge his dedication to fitness with his acumen for entrepreneurship, potentially leading to the next exhilarating leg of his professional marathon.

Episode Notes

In this episode we sit down with Charles Yeager, the franchise partner of ISI® Elite Training in the Cedar Park, Austin, Texas market. Charles shares his journey from corporate finance at Dell to venturing into the fitness industry. He discusses his motivations for choosing ISI Elite Training, the challenges of balancing a full-time corporate career with launching a new business, and the importance of community. Charles also reflects on the impact he aims to make and the vision he has for ISI® in Cedar Park. 

00:00 Reevaluating life's purpose, helping others through fitness.

03:34 Running boosts mood, friendship, and fitness interest.

08:00 Finance guy uses data and builds team.

10:06 Embracing opportunity, learning from experienced mentor.

13:32 Success with impact, not full-time, Austin fit.

16:41 Excited about new and healthy lifestyle changes.